At Half-Moon Bay, CA, 2013.

Our Story

Welcome to Singh from the Hearth!   We are an Indian-American, Boston-based couple, and yes, we love a good pun!  Indu began her first food blog, Fresh.Simple.Good, back in 2007.  Since then, much has changed:   for starters, we became The Singhs.  Sushil’s passion for authentic regional cuisine and flavor and his love for photography warranted a blog upgrade.  More significantly, though, Indu’s old blog didn’t feel quite the same anymore; quite simply, if a blog was going to be part of our life together, it needed to be shared.  We were figuring out our married life, too, often enough through food.   With two demanding careers, meals became a source of pride and pleasure, and we’re happiest when there’s something hearty and satisfying on the table.

Our Blog

Singh From the Hearth is our attempt to document our efforts to live by values that seem increasingly more difficult to preserve:  eating food we make ourselves, sourcing food from local farms, celebrating each other — or just the fact that we’re all here together —  and appreciating the natural world.  Whether cooking on a charcoal grill, a clay tandoor, a cast iron wok, we’re also in search of authenticity, and we’re interested in modern (and not so modern) manifestations of old cultures and cooking traditions, some of which took place in outdoor ovens and grills.  Sushil’s passion for exploring these traditions, in particular, sometimes take us to the source, like when we traveled to the Marshall Store, a seafood shack off Route 1 in Tomales Bay, CA, to eat grilled oysters, or to the King Arthur Baking Education Center in Norwich, VT.   We’re exploring, too, our evolving relationship with food and gatherings, outdoor spaces, and the natural world.  They are all connected, we believe, and those connections, we think, may be where we find our own authentic selves.


Our Inspirations

We’ll always cite recipe sources, and our favorites include: