Squash Season

Friday was the last pick-up day at our CSA, the Farm at Moose Hill.  The last few weeks offered us an official closure to summer:  tomatoes were in greater abundance than there were pickers, leeks came in large, beautiful stalks of green, and then… the squash.   In case you are needing a few reasons to love them, here are some of ours:

  1. They don’t take up any fridge real estate.   Honestly, this is a real problem for us in summer when the CSA offers us more than we can either cook or store.   Keep your squash in a cool, dark place — any place in which they don’t receive sunlight, and they can keep for 2-3 months.
  2. There’s more squash in there than you might think.  Yes, you need to scoop out a fair amount of seeds and stringy stuff, at least in certain varieties.   But the beautiful flesh that remains is worth it, and the generous concavities are perfect for stuffings and fillings.
  3. Roasting a squash brings out their natural sugars and takes anywhere between 25 minutes for a delicata squash to 45 minutes for a butternut or acorn.  Add maple syrup.  And rosemary.  As you wish.  Roasted squash make great snacks for toddlers, too!
  4. If you have never pulled apart spaghetti squash strands, you must try it!   Don’t chop your squash lengthwise; the squash grows around its width in circles.  Instead, cut the squash into 1 inch rounds, peel out the seeds, and roast the remaining flesh.  You will be able to have much fuller strands of spaghetti squash when you loosen the strands from the rounds, and watching the transformation from squash to strands is nothing short of magical!
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