Perfect Coconut CakeThis is our celebration cake.  It exists in the realm of cake that requires proper creaming of butter and sugar, the folding in of egg whites, and the possibility of a water bath for each layer of the cake.  In short, if you ever wanted to meet a high maintenance cake, say hello.   This King Arthur recipe introduced us to the idea of using coconut milk powder in lieu of coconut milk; we haven't yet tried the alternative to weigh in, but if you are in the mood for something a little extra refined, this cake is it. 
Skillet Chicken with Apples and RosemaryAlthough I don't usually cook poultry, I was on the hunt for new protein sources for my son and found this recipe at Family Food on the Table.   So, raw chicken juice aside, I made chicken.  Everything about this dish says, "It's fall!"  and our toddler loves it too.  The chicken is tender and flavorful, and the ratio to apples is, of course, key. 
Curry Leaves, Shrimp, and Black Mustard CurryThe star ingredient here: fresh curry leaves. Grown from -- you guessed it -- the curry tree, these leaves can be found in most Indian grocery stores. Fry them in oil before adding the other ingredients, and their aroma of citrus + smoke will fill your home. Coupled with black mustard seeds, coconut milk, and garlic, this dish is warming, soothing and satisfying as the seasons turn.
Baingan BharthaWith its roots in roadside dhabas in Punjab, baingan bhartha shows off the versatility of this humble vegetable, pairing the eggplant with aromatics and summer herbs of your choice. The result is a creamy, smoky dip or spread that calls for freshly baked naan and a dollop of yogurt. Sushil has experimented with a few grilling techniques for the vegetables and landed on direct charcoal roasting, inspired by the same techniques for making baba ganoush. Let's end summer with a bang!
Humble Cake + FigsI'm pretty sure you could make this whole recipe with one bowl and a wooden spoon. It feels like an old world cake: yogurt and olive oil and, in many variations, honey. This ATK recipe had the lowest ratio of sugar to flour that we could find (1 cup to 3 cups). We loved everything about it. We loved everything about it.
Favorite GranolaI discovered this recipe at a B&B in the Berkshires, where it was served with yogurt and local blueberries. Today, it is a Singh Family Staple.  Switch out a nut, add a dried fruit, drop in some coconut flakes -- this recipe is here for the ages, we think.Switch out a nut, add a dried fruit, drop in some coconut flakes -- this recipe is here for the ages, we think.
Ode to OttolenghiAccording to Ottolenghi, this dish is based on a Palestinian "shishbarak" that he describes as ravioli-like dumplings. This vegetarian version shouts out to summer, as the basil plants grow dense while tomatoes still ripen on the vines, and hot days make me grateful for nearly no-cook dinner. Aleppo peppers with a good rosé are simply smashing!
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