Sindhi SpinachThese ingredients, these spices, this particular preparation of the humblest of vegetables -- has probably existed for centuries.  And the source of its longevity might have something to do with a particular diaspora of people whose lineage traces back to Karachi, Pakistan, before it was Pakistan.  Sai Bhaji, translated directly as "green vegetable," is our comfort food.  We eat it with yogurt and papadum and onion "brown" rice as fall is setting in, and it tastes like a combination of childhood family dinners, New England harvest, and Diwali celebrations.  Add dill when you've got some on hand!
Onion “Brown” RiceIt's not brown rice -- quite the opposite, in fact. It's a long-grain basmati that cooks to perfection in a broth flavored by heavily caramelized onions. That's right, onions. Pictured here with Sindhi spinach and papadum, this rice has subtle umami flavor that just feels royal in some capacity -- I can imagine it served in a Moghul palace, paired with lamb or other meat curries. It really does taste like other-worldly, in part, because it is -- in every sense!
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