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Gratitude Tree

Too early to think about Christmas trees around Thanksgiving, I set out to make a gratitude tree, replete with branches and construction paper leaves, each articulating something that various members of our family were grateful for.  With an abundance of Pinterest tips (Google “gratitude tree”) in hand and mind, I headed off to Michaels in […]


Squash Season

Friday was the last pick-up day at our CSA, the Farm at Moose Hill.  The last few weeks offered us an official closure to summer:  tomatoes were in greater abundance than there were pickers, leeks came in large, beautiful stalks of green, and then… the squash.   In case you are needing a few reasons to […]


A Clambake in a Vineyard

THE STORY We could go on a trip, or we could have a party.   Those were the choices we decided between when thinking about Sushil’s 50th birthday.   And when we came up with the idea of a clambake, there was no looking back.   Fresh seafood.   Underground cooking.  Our favorite people.  All in one place.  As […]