Amma’s Birthday

It’s not often when you get to make brunch in honor of someone’s birthday.  Let alone someone’s 87th birthday.  And when that someone also happens to be the very remarkable person who is your mother-in-law, well, one feels humbled.  What do we know about about being 87?!  And what kind of meal might come close to honoring that journey?  To celebrate Amma’s day, we made our humble quiche recipe in two different versions, created a cheese board, salad and some beautiful displays of citrus.   Amma’s cake was a take on this olive oil cake recipe, which we think has the lowest sugar to flour recipe of any olive oil cake recipe that we’ve found.   The glaze for the cake is simply sugar and lemon juice.   And of course, Sushil had champagne.   Family started arriving at around 11 in the morning and were still lingering nearly until dinner.   The flame was still burning at the end of the day.  And Amma couldn’t have been happier.

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